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HP Update Software Utility

HP Update Software Utility service is also known as the HP Update service. Currently, the users are facing an issue with it that the users are getting the Download failed message. Are you stuck with the same issue? If, then look the below-given information which may help you out from this situation.

What is HP Update Software Utility

Your organization’s HP computer system comes with HP Update, a program that searches for and uses the most up to date firmware, vehicle drivers and utilities on your maker. By default, HP Update runs immediately and alerts you only when it locates an upgrade. If you do not desire the tool to look for updates, you can disable it entirely.

How to Remove the HP Update Software Utility

If you are getting the error message “HPSF.exe has stopped working”, then to solve this, at first, you need to uninstall the program. After that, download and install the HP Support Assistant on your computer.

Uninstall HP Support Assistant

First of all, press down the Windows logo key and the letter R key both at a time and then on the given space type control. Click on the OK button to continue.

Now, set the View by option to Large icons. Click on “Programs and Features”. From the Programs and Features window, locate and click on HP Support Assistant. Next, from the top menu bar click on the Uninstall tab and confirm the process by clicking on Yes of the confirmation window. As the HP Update Software Utility gets uninstalled successfully, restart your computer and then check if the problem gets fixed.

Download and Install the HP Support Assistant Program

Further, to use the HP Update Software Utility, you need to download the program and then install it. Below are the instructions of how you can use the HP Support Assistant.

At first, navigate to the HP Support Assistant website and then click on “Download HP Support Assistant”. After that, click on Save to start the downloading process. Now, when the downloading is done, proceed with the Run option and then follow the display instructions to complete the HP Assistant installing task.

Lastly, you need to click on Yes> Finish.

Hopefully, now the HP Assistant program is working properly.

Solve the Interrupts Issue of HP Support Assistant during Games, Movies, or TV

If you are getting updates at the time you do not want to, then you are able to do that using the HP Update Software Utility. Forward with the below-given instructions for that. 

  1. Firstly, open the HP Support Assistant Settings window.
  2. Now, set the time and day of your choice under the HP updates and messages are scheduled for section.
  3. Lastly, click on Save.

Hopefully, now will not be disturbed while doing your task.

Cannot Open HP Support Assistant: Learn the Solution

By restoring your computer to an earlier time you can fix the Cannon open HP Support Assistant issue. To know the process of how to restore, go through the below instructions.

  1. First of all, press down the Windows button along with the letter R button to open the Run bar window.
  2. In the Run bar type RSTRUI.EXE.
  3. After that, click on the OK button.
  4. Now, click on the Next button from the System Restore window.
  5. Select the date and time when your computer was worked fine> Next.
  6. Finally, to confirm your restore point date, click on the Next button.

After the restoring task is over, you will be able to use the HP Update Software Utility without any further problem.

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